Curriculum & Assessment Planning

Curriculum & Assessment Planning

Transforming applied learning outcomes for students, teachers and schools.

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Hello Learning for VCE VM & VPC

Kirsten Furness is widely recognised as an expert in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment within the VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) and Vocational Pathways Certificate (VPC). She has been involved in the development and accreditation of numerous Study Designs and Curriculum Designs, and has supported hundreds of teachers to bring the new subjects to life in their classrooms.

Hello Learning VCE VM and VPC services include the facilitation of sessions to develop engaging and unique curriculum and assessment plans for any combination of VCE VM and/or VPC Literacy, Numeracy, WRS and PDS.

Taking a context-specific and backwards design approach, planning sessions will map:

  • Main outcome/module topic(s)/theme(s)
  • Possible excursions, incursions, and community-based activities
  • Major assessment tasks
  • Possible learning activities and/or formative tasks

Other discussion topics can include:

  • Integration of subjects
  • Resources
  • Differentiation and modification
  • Authentication practices

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Hello Learning for VCE VM & VPC

Kirsten understands that every school has its own unique strengths, challenges and opportunities when it comes to designing and delivering high-quality applied learning programs for their senior students. Having worked across a range of school settings and contexts, and with a wide range of teachers – from first year out, through to seasoned applied learning expert with decades of experience, she believes:

  1. Applied learning does not mean its “easy”
  2. Engaging is not a synonym for “fun”
  3. When Bloom’s Taxonomy was revised, ‘Creating’ was categorised as the highest-order cognitive domain for a reason
  4. Teachers instinctively know what will and won’t work in their classrooms
  5. There is no “one-size fits all” curriculum and assessment plan for any of the VCE VM and VPC subjects
  6. It is absolutely possible to design and deliver a great program, even with a small budget and limited opportunities to take kids out of the school
  7. Everything is figureoutable.

Planning sessions can be delivered:

  • Onsite or online
  • Full day or half day
  • Other supports available include meetings with individual teachers, attendance at onsite collaborative planning meetings and feedback on documentation.

Kirsten is also available to facilitate professional development sessions.

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Let’s Collaborate

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